Dementia Care: Safety First


Caring for a loved one with dementia has its challenges, as well as rewards. One of the biggest challenges is keeping your loved one safe, especially as he or she gets into late-stage dementia where wandering is common. The first priority in caring for someone with dementia is safety. The following suggestions can help keep your loved one safe:

  • Keep floors clear (remove area rugs and cords).
  • Keep your loved one’s cane or walker nearby and the floors clear of clutter and cords.
  • Adhere non-skid padding to stairs and secure handrails to easily climb flights.
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom and use a bath chair for bathing.
  • Put up a curtain or other visual barrier at your front door if your aging loved one tends to wander out.
  • Clearly label drawers, cabinets, and doors to easily locate items.
  • Keep medicines, cleaning products, or other toxins, as well as sharp or dangerous items out of reach of your loved one.
  • Install a home security system designed to watch over someone with dementia.
  • Get an ID bracelet for your loved one or sew ID labels in his or her clothes.
  • Be sure to make your neighbors aware that you have a loved one at home with dementia and make sure they have a contact number for you.

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