Dental Care for Seniors: 5 Tips for Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Dental Care for Seniors: 5 Tips for Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Taking care of ourselves can become difficult as we age since simple movements can become challenging. Our memory is not as sharp as it used to be, as well, so forgetting to simply brush our teeth can be understandable but of course, this shouldn’t be acceptable. We’d want to take care of our oral health to avoid further costs and not to mention—pains we may feel when we have a tooth decay or other conditions. To help you take care of yourself as you reach your golden age, Passionate Private Duty, a home nursing in Illinois helps you take care of your oral hygiene through:

  • Encouragement of scheduling regular dental check-ups.
    Dental check-ups should be done even before we feel our toothache or notice something off about our oral health. Dental check-ups are not done solely to fix what’s wrong but it’s done to prevent tooth damage.
  • Practicing basic oral hygiene care.
    We also help seniors prevent and avoid the excruciating pain of tooth decay through the practice of basic oral hygiene. After meals, we make it a point to assist our seniors in brushing their teeth, flossing, and gargling mouthwash. We can’t help but emphasize the importance of flossing since brushing our teeth can’t reach in between areas.
  • Quit smoking and avoid inhaling cigarette smoke.
    Cigarette smoking can blacken not only your lips but your gums as well. Other than aesthetic reasons, cigarette smoking poses negative overall effects on your body.
  • Proper cleaning of dentures.
    Removal and proper cleaning of dentures is a must for any senior wearing dentures. Bacteria from dentures can be a source of several oral diseases. To prevent this, we recommend removing your dentures and subsequently cleaning your mouth after removal of the dentures. Clean your dentures by soaking it in water mixed with baking soda or ask advice from your dentist.
  • Getting enough vitamins and nutrients through a healthy diet and some food supplements. A common disease caused by lack of vitamins is scurvy. Scurvy is a disease that causes gums to bleed and lose teeth primarily due to the lack of vitamin C. This is just one of the other oral health diseases caused by lack of vitamins. If you suspect you have scurvy or any other oral health disease, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

In providing nursing care services in Pingree Grove, IL, we pride ourselves in quality service that helps seniors take care of the different aspects of their health. Oral health is just one of the many aspects of a senior’s health we help take care of. If you have a loved one in mind in need of personal care home care services, don’t hesitate and get to know more about how we provide care by visiting us at

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