Diabetes Management: 5-Point Guide in Foot Care

Diabetes Management: 5-Point Guide in Foot Care

As one of the leading ailments among American seniors, diabetes needs proper monitoring, care, and attention. In their aging years, your loved one can easily take actions that can complicate diabetes. Your loved one may benefit greatly with the assistance of an at-home nursing care service. With their skill in caring for clients with conditions such as diabetes and its complications, nurses can provide private duty assistance to your loved one at home.

For those with diabetes, the feet can frequently be affected by diabetes complications. Hence, we impart these care tips, which you can easily apply at home.

  1. Always walk with comfortable shoes, whether inside the home or outdoors.
    Footwear should fit comfortably to avoid developing blisters, which can lead to wounds. Shoes or boots can also protect feet from any sharp item that could accidentally be stepped on.
  2. Always check the feet for any scratch, wound, or blister.
    Make sure that there’s nothing in the feet that could result in wounds.
  3. Carefully wash legs and feet and pat to dry.
    Scrubbing legs abrasively may result in little scratches. With diabetes, even small skin openings can take time to heal. For this reason, the assistance of professionals providing in home nursing can be essential in diabetic care.
  4. Be mindful when trimming the nails.
    Make this regular to avoid instances of ingrown toenails. It’s also advisable to trim the nails very straight so that it will also grow straight and not towards the inner corners of the toe. If this is a challenge for you or your loved one, it is best to seek help from a podiatrist.
  5. Most importantly, monitor your loved one’s blood sugar regularly.
    When they have a normal glucose level, the complications of diabetes can be minimized, and wound healing can be faster. When you can’t be available to help your loved one, a skilled nurse can diligently check blood sugar levels.

Diabetes can make wound healing difficult, and when your feet get even minor scratches, this can easily result in complications. To continually preserve the overall wellbeing of your diabetic loved one, don’t hesitate to get assistance from skilled nurses.

As we provide your aging loved one with quality home care in Illinois, you can have the peace of mind that your loved one is in the capable hands of our experienced nurses.

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