Effectively Managing and Preventing Falls

Effectively Managing and Preventing Falls

Research shows that the risk of falls and its serious injury increases with age due to balance problems, chronic conditions, poor vision, and environmental factors such as snow, ice, or a cluttered home. Almost 25% of fall incidents could result in moderate to severe injuries, ranging from bruises, broken bones, and traumatic head injuries. Here at Passionate Private Duty, we believe there are many ways to prevent and manage falls, especially with the help of experienced home care providers. The following are a few of our suggestions:

  • Stay active
    Physical activity can go a long way toward fall prevention. Regular exercise – including daily walks – can improve balance and agility and make muscles stronger and more flexible.
  • Home modification
    Improving lighting, installing handrails and grab bars, and decluttering floors and walkways can contribute to a safer home. Adding non-slip mats on bathroom floors can also help prevent slips from occurring.
  • Regular visits with a doctor
    Talking with your doctor regularly about certain conditions such as poor vision or limited mobility may help you identify an increased risk of falling. The doctor can also provide valuable advice as to how to deal with falls based on your physical condition.

Don’t let a simple slip or fall change your life. Decrease your risk of falls by applying these strategies in your home. If you need someone who can consistently ensure your safety or your loved one’s safety, contact our home services in Pingree Grove, Illinois. If you or a loved one has had a fall and is recovering from injuries or has limitations, our nursing care services offer professional assistance from experienced, Registered Nurses. Our in-home nursing care providers can help evaluate fall risk factors and implement a combination fall prevention strategies for you or your loved one.

To learn more about fall prevention, fall recovery, or home health care in general, give us a call at Passionate Private Duty at 847-975-3950.

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