How and When is a Ventilator Used?

The simple process of breathing air in and out of the lungs can be challenging for some individuals.¬†When a person cannot breathe efficiently and he or she has difficulty maintaining sufficient levels of oxygen, the body is suffering from respiratory failure. Breathing difficulty can also result in carbon dioxide retention in the body, which can … Continue reading

Intravenous Nutrition

For some patients, receiving essential nutrients is not possible without the help of intravenous (IV) nutrition. If the digestive tract can no longer adequately absorb nutrients or there are temporary periods that the tract should be free of food, IV nutrition is a method of getting nutrition into the body through the veins. This is … Continue reading

Racial Equality

Recent events in our nation have led to an outcry for racial equality. As we process our individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences regarding disciminiation and social unrest; we must maintain a goal to grow, understand, and move forward. At Passionate Private Duty, our team is made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds who … Continue reading

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How Do Seniors Cope with Pain Without Drugs?

Treating pain for older adults is more complicated because seniors have more chronic conditions. Moreover, medicines that relieve pain may have negative effects on the aging body of a senior. There are home services in Illinois that could effectively help the elderly manage pains. But techniques can be done at home to alleviate pain without … Continue reading

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Helping Seniors Cope with Pain While Minimizing Medication

Pain management for older adults is complicated, as many seniors have more chronic health conditions. Medication for pain relief often has negative effects on the aging body. There are alternative pain relief methods to effectively help elderly patients manage pain. Many of these methods can be provided at home in a comfortable, familiar setting to … Continue reading

Are Antibiotics Safe for the Elderly?

Antibiotics work by killing or preventing bacteria from spreading and reproducing. Oral, topical, and injectable antibiotics can be provided in various doses. The healthcare professionals providing nursing care services are licensed to administer these medications properly. But it does not eliminate the risks, especially for older adults. Older adults are more susceptible to bacterial infection … Continue reading

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