Hospital Care in The Home

Hospital Care in The Home: Advanced Nursing at Home for Higher Acuity Patients

Patients who are discharged from a hospital after illness, surgery, or injury – a hip replacement or a stoke, for example – often go to another facility to receive post-acute care. At a rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility, patients can receive 24/7 nursing care and rehab services.

However, there is a common (and growing) belief that some patients are better off receiving post-acute care and rehabilitation services at home, rather than in a hospital or nursing facility. This is because the risk of acquiring an infection in a healthcare setting is higher than in one’s own home and most patients are more comfortable and adaptable in their familiar home environment. Depending on acuity level and specific patient needs, high-tech skilled nursing can be done in the home by professional home health care nurses.

Passionate Private Duty’s Hospital Care in The Home program enables patients of higher acuity to receive advanced nursing care at home. This level of care at home can be well-monitored and is safer, less expensive, and more effective than traditional hospital care, especially for patients who are vulnerable to hospital-acquired infections and other complications of inpatient care.

Patients in the Hospital Care in The Home program receive hospital-level services in the home. These care services can include:

  • Infusion therapy (TPN and IV medication)
  • Tracheostomy
  • Ostomy education
  • New post-surgery care
  • State-of-the-art wound care including wound vacs
  • 24/7 private duty nursing care
  • Serve as a liaison with physicians and other medical staff