How to Approach Your Elderly’s Ostomy Care

How to Approach Your Elderly’s Ostomy Care

Needing to have an ostomy and to live with a stoma is challenging enough—imagine if your elderly loved one has only been fitted once as they entered their golden years or when they have cognitive issues that make ostomy care confusing.

It goes without saying that they would need you to be there at this time. Thus, as your trusted provider of nursing care services at Passionate Private Duty, we have listed down some of the most effective ways you can assist them:

  • Learn everything you can about having a stoma
    This is the best way you can prepare yourself for this labor of love. This makes sure that you know the reasoning behind what you’re doing, making you more effective for the job.
  • Don’t forget to involve your senior loved one in their care
    It may be tempting to let them sit and just do everything by yourself so it’s easy and done in no time. But bear in mind that this is one of the easiest ways to feel useless and stripped of their independence, especially when their care requires you to be in their personal space than usual.
  • Break down the tasks into small, simple steps
    As providers of home services in Illinois ourselves, we know full well how keeping it simple can make everything easier.

These said, it’s always good to be practical when it comes to deciding on the extent of what you can or can’t do for your loved one’s care.

Thus, when you know you can’t be there, ask for help from our home care in Pingree Grove, Illinois. Our care professionals can take on your loved one’s hospital care in your home such as infusion therapy, wound care, 24/7 private duty nursing, and even ostomy care and education.

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