How to Make Your Senior Loved One Smile

How to Make Your Senior Loved One Smile

It’s so fulfilling to see our loved ones smiling brightly. Sharing in the joy of our aging family members demonstrates – and adds to – their quality of life. So how do we help them achieve or enhance quality of life in the elderly stage?

As a provider of home care services in Illinois, we have seen clients improve quality of life and have some tips to share with you:

  • Spend Time with Your Loved One

    There are many ways to spend time with our aging loved ones. Just talking with them or serving them in some way shows that we dedicate time to them. To help uplift them every day, ensure that you make time for them. If your aging loved one is far from you physically, try to call daily to connect. Even just 10 minutes shows that you value the relationship. It is not on how long you spend time with them, but on how meaningful your time is with them.

  • Eat Together

    As a provider of home care in Pingree Grove, Illinois, we have seen how the elderly can be inspired to eat better when they are with someone dear to them. Because your companionship makes them happy, they will enjoy eating meals with you.

  • Go Out Together

    Who says that seniors can no longer enjoy the outdoors? There are many exciting outdoor activities that we can do with them. Being in nature and fresh air can have a positive impact on anyone at any age. It may be an especially nice change of scenery if your loved one is often home bound. Local parks, museums, or libraries are all good options.

  • Do Activities Together

    What hobbies does your senior loved one enjoy? Is it knitting, fishing, or gardening? Accompany them in their hobbies; they will love your company. While you’re at it, talk about the hobbies they’re engaged in. Let them share with you why they enjoy it and maybe they can teach you a thing or two. Doing something you love with someone you love is a prime source of joy.

  • Read Together

    Reading aloud and sharing in a story is another uplifting experience for our aging loved ones. There are many great books and other materials to choose from. Reading becomes a difficult task for many older adults, as books can be hard to hold and vision is impaired. Consequently, you can read to your loved one and both escape into another place or time or experience. Maybe start by asking your loved one what a favorite book once was and read that together.

  • Touch Therapy

    Another way to cheer your aging loved one up is to give them your gentle touch. Let them feel your love through your hugs and pats. When the situation calls for it, hold them on their arms when they need to get up or walk. Physical affection has been shown to improve mood and overall well-being.

At Passionate Private Duty, we don’t just provide quality nursing care services. We’re also here to help equip and empower family caregivers. Are you interested in knowing how else we can be of help to you or your loved one? Contact us.

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