Making Daily Tasks Easier for Your Senior Family Members

Making Daily Tasks Easier for Your Senior Family Members

At their advanced age, senior family members will already require a level of assistance to help complete everyday tasks. Daily activities and chores may be too cumbersome for your aging loved ones. Many take advantage of personal home care and nursing care services in Illinois so that a professional care provider can help. But care providers are not the only ones who can extend help to seniors. You, too, can assist them. Even if you’re not trained in providing care, you can do the following:

  • Bathing

    Make the bathroom safe. If grab bars are not yet installed, install them immediately. Use brighter lights. Place non-skid mats on the floor. Have a shower bench available. If your loved one uses a walker or wheelchair, widen the doorway or entryway to the bathroom. Prepare bathroom essentials beforehand. You might have to do all the preparations especially with slippery products like soap.

    Be ready to provide physical support if they have trouble entering the tub or checking the temperature of the water. If possible, remind your loved ones to bring a cordless phone to the bathroom so they can call for help immediately.

  • Grooming

    Simple grooming tasks like shaving, brushing teeth, and face washing can be challenging for many elderly individuals. Make sure your loved one is in a sitting position to assist with grooming. This helps your loved one conserve energy, be stable and, of course, be comfortable. Some seniors with limited mobility may prefer to be groomed in bed.

    You might want to invest in items that can make grooming tasks easier. For instance, electric toothbrushes and electric razors can be immensely helpful.

    Also, encourage your loved one to sport a manageable hairstyle to minimize your hassle.

  • Using the bathroom

    If your loved one has trouble walking to the bathroom, which may be a bit far from the bedroom, invest in a good quality bedpan. Leave the bedpan during the night and make sure to wash it the next day.

    Remind your loved ones not to drink too much liquid within 2 hours before bedtime. This helps prevent frequent trips to the bathroom.

    Your loved one might also want to have a bell or ringer right beside their bed which they can use to call someone’s attention and ask for help in using the bathroom. You or an in home care provider can help with toileting assistance when necessary.

Let our in home care team at Passionate Private Duty help your aging loved one with daily tasks. We also provide in home nursing care in and around Pingree Grove, IL to help keep your loved one as healthy as possible. For more information, feel free to call or email us.

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