Managing Pain Safely at Home

Managing Pain Safely at Home

Simple and minor pains can be relieved at home, but for chronic and more serious types of pain, medical intervention should be sought to know how it could be treated, because self-medication may not be safe to do especially when steroidal medication is involved. There are non-pharmaceutical ways to manage pain but should be done with utmost care or with a doctor’s clearance.

Even at home, there are ways toward pain management and it can be addressed through our Nursing Care Services in Pingree Grove, IL to help individuals with their acute or chronic pain conditions.

  • Knowing the Kind of Pain

    A thorough consultation with your general practitioner can help you identify the kind of pain you are having. Acute pains are temporary and rarely develop into chronic conditions. With a little help from over-the-counter or prescription medication, the severity of the pain can be given relief, even temporarily.

  • Symptoms and Causes

    Different things ranging from injuries, surgery sites to tissue or nerve damage can cause individuals mild to severe pain. Some pains can also be caused by chronic medical conditions and present themselves in either single or multiple body pains, such as arthritis and ulcers.

  • Home Treatment and Care

    With the sound advice and diagnosis of our client’s doctor and through our Home Nursing in Illinois, we can help identify symptoms and offer the following to alleviate the pain without any medication:

    • Heat or cold packs

      – Heat to reduce muscle spasms and increase blood flow
      – Cold packs to minimize swelling

    • Massages

      – To sooth soft tissue pain but should be avoided in joints
      – Gentle pressure should be observed to avoid further pain

    • Physical Therapy

      – Exercises and stretching can help relieve pain
      – It also helps improve one’s mood, mobility and balance

Families can also opt for Non-Medical Home Care in Illinois to give their loved ones all the necessary care they need right in the comfort of their homes.

Passionate Private Duty can help your loved one manage pain safely at home. Set an appointment with us to get started with your loved one’s care or call us at 847-975-3950.

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