Senior Care Tips when Recovering at Home

Senior Care Tips when Recovering at Home

Are you or a loved one soon to undergo surgery? Maybe you’ve already been discharged from the hospital? The road to recovery is just as crucial as your surgical treatment. Many things can happen during the recovery process, so proper care and monitoring should be administered. When the individual recovering is a senior, the level of care must be provided with more attention, as seniors can be more vulnerable and more likely to suffer complications. This is where professional and reliable in-home nursing care services can be of great help to you or your loved one.

How can you support an easy and convenient recovery for a senior at home? Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Ensure that you or your loved one is well-supplied with everything you might need for recovery. Prior to leaving the healthcare facility, create a checklist of items you will want to have available once at home. This list might include medications, mobility aids, bandages, extra pillows or blankets, easy-to-eat foods that are approved by a doctor.

  • Make the home accommodating to your loved one’s condition. Position furniture and rugs to prevent trips or falls. Clear away clutter and have items for comfort easily accessible. Consider installing grab bars and handrails where there aren’t any and using a bath chair in the shower.

  • Find ways to make your recovering loved one feel comfortable at home. Our aging loved ones can easily get frustrated when they’re recovering, as normal functionality can be limited. To address this, ensure they’re comfortable as they sit down, walk around, or lie back. Provide options for your loved one to be in control: deciding what to have for meals or watching TV with access to the remote control for example.

  • Accompany your loved to follow-up appointments. Having a trusted companion ensures that they can fully comprehend the doctor’s instructions. If you’re too remote from your loved one or have too many other commitments, we have skilled nurses who can provide transportation, companionship, and home care.

  • Recognize your loved one’s limitations and find ways to address these. If the doctor doesn’t permit them to lift heavy objects, ensure that they are compliant. Make sure the surgical site is clean and dry and that any healing wounds are consistently and carefully addressed. Compliance with the doctor’s instructions can greatly affect recovery.

  • Seek extra help and assistance whenever necessary. If you find that your hands are too full in attending to the needs of your senior loved one, feel free to ask for help. Our skilled nurses are able to extend quality home care services in Pingree Grove and surrounding areas of Illinois providing dependable assistance while your loved one recovers.

As you make the necessary preparations for your loved one’s recovery, keep in mind that help is always available. When your loved one’s condition requires extra monitoring from a registered nurse, we have an experienced team of compassionate RNs at Passionate Private Duty. We’re glad to provide the professional assistance you need.

If you have further inquiries about our skilled nursing or home care services, feel free to call us. Perhaps you know someone else who could use the above tips or our help: Don’t forget to SHARE!

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