Treating Pressure Ulcers

Treating Pressure Ulcers

A pressure sore (also known as pressure ulcer or bedsore) is a result of tissue getting compressed between bone and an external surface. These pressure ulcers are caused by an area of skin being pressed up against something hard, such as a bed, bone or chair. This causes damage to skin tissue over time.

Pressure sores often affect seniors who are unable to move and change position regularly. With the help of a home care provider who can offer proper treatment, severe pressure ulcer wounds often heal within a few weeks. Serious wounds may require surgery. Prevention of pressure ulcers is key.

In-home nursing care services will assist in the following to properly deal with your pressure ulcer:

  • Remove the pressure from the sore by moving the patient or using foam pads or pillows to prop up parts of the body.
  • Clean minor wounds by gently washing them with water and a mild soap. For open sores, they are cleaned with saline solution each time the dressing is changed.
  • Apply dressings to protect the wound and accelerate its healing. Some dressings help prevent infection by dissolving dead tissue.
  • Use oral antibiotics or antibiotic cream to treat an infection.

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