Winter Safety

Winter Safety

Winter is a beautiful season. Evergreen trees with a layer of snow, for example, looks like nature’s lace. But it can be cold, of course, and dangerous. Seniors, in particular, may have difficulty getting around and may be at a greater risk for injury. Here are some tips to keep you and your aging loved ones safe as cold temperatures continue and more snowfall is expected:

Avoid Fall Risks
Ice, snow, and slush are major slip and fall hazards. Make sure you and your loved ones wear shoes or boots with good traction on the soles. Also, replace the tips on worn canes or walkers.

Get Help with Shoveling
Thousands of snow shoveling injuries occur each year. Seniors often underestimate the stamina, strength, and time it takes to shovel snow. Consider shoveling the property of your aging loved ones or hiring a snow removal professional.

Plan Medications
There may be times when it is harder to pick up medications from the pharmacy, so it’s critical to plan ahead to avoid running out of supplies. Order your prescription(s) in advance in case there is bad weather. Many pharmacies can also deliver your medications to your home. You might also want to keep a supply of cold and flu remedies in your home, should symptoms arise.

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