A Furry Companion for Your Loved One


The elderly tend to feel loneliness and isolation for several reasons—like their lack of independence and being unable to see family and friends due to their physical condition, or grieving the loss of loved ones. No longer having the strength to travel or perform daily tasks and old interests can be disheartening and could even make them feel worthless. Our home services in Pingree Grove, Illinois, provide companionship and programs to create opportunities for them to socialize. However, one of the highly effective methods we’ve found to cure loneliness would be gaining a furry companion.

Pets could result in different health benefits, both mentally and physically. 

Here are some different advantages we’ve listed:

  • Evokes Happiness
    When a senior patient gives room for a pet in his life, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety because petting an animal releases serotonin, or what we call the happy hormone of our brain. The happier a person is, the lower his blood pressure, which fosters positivity. In a study performed, it has been proven that pets help ease aggressive behavior in patients with dementia. A pet might just be a reason that you’ll be hearing your loved one laugh more frequently.
  • Helps Give Meaning to Life
    Some of our senior patients who seek home care in Pingree Grove, Illinois, live alone. Spending your time alone for hours on end could easily make you feel grey as every day seems monotonous, but a pet could make a difference. Knowing that someone is waiting for you or that a being relies on you, could give your loved one a purpose.

For any other concerns regarding senior care, our nursing care services in Illinois at Passionate Private Duty is available. 

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