Senior Nutrition: What’s on the Plate?

As we age, our nutrient requirements change. Our metabolism also slows down, so we need fewer calories than we once did. So, it’s more important than ever to choose foods that offer the best nutritional value. Remembering the 50-25-25 rule can be helpful. An older adult’s plate should include the following nutrients: 50% fruits and … Continue reading

How to Approach Your Elderly’s Ostomy Care

Needing to have an ostomy and to live with a stoma is challenging enough—imagine if your elderly loved one has only been fitted once as they entered their golden years or when they have cognitive issues that make ostomy care confusing. It goes without saying that they would need you to be there at this … Continue reading

Your Aging Loved One’s Need for Companionship

As we age, the tasks we normally do can become challenging. Seemingly simple activities of daily living can be daunting if our bodies experience limitations as we grow older. Many seniors can’t help but feel that things aren’t the way they used to be, and it can greatly affect them mentally. It’s not uncommon for … Continue reading

Encouraging Good Sleep Habits in the Elderly

It is said that we sleep for a third of our lives. That alone shows how necessary sleep is for our body. But, as time goes by and our bodies age, our sleep patterns change. Older adults may find that they fall sleep and wake up earlier than they used to. Other adults have difficulty … Continue reading

Medication Management: Ways to Remember Medicine Intake

Taking your medication as prescribed by your physician is necessary for controlling or treating health conditions. We all know that medication is intended to improve health and quality of life. But did you know that some estimates show nearly 50% of US patients don’t take their medications correctly? About a third never even fill their … Continue reading

Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

As we age our appetites and diets change. Our ability to shop, prepare, and cook nutritious foods may be difficult. Poor nutrition, however, can negatively affect seniors’ overall health or well-being. The following are some nutrition tips to keep in mind for you or your older loved ones: Select highly nutritious foods. Highly nutritious foods … Continue reading

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