Promoting Elders’ Positive Mood While Sheltered at Home

Promoting Elders’ Positive Mood While Sheltered at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant change to our daily lives. Activities and social gatherings have been cancelled or moved to a virtual platform. Travel and even local visits with extended family have been minimized. This is particularly challenging for seniors, since 1. they are vulnerable to the illness and are being extra cautious, and 2. they are oftentimes less mobile and rely on others for getting out and around. If there is one group that is most isolated during this pandemic, it is the elderly.

We all realize how essential socialization is to our seniors’ mental health. As a provider of Home Care in Pingree Grove, Illinois, we have some suggestions to help your senior loved one feel connected.

  • Gardening
    Tending to a garden has been shown to reduce stress, particularly if it’s outdoors with a feeling of connection to nature. But indoors or outdoors, even just caring for some plants in containers can be beneficial for seniors. Succulents, bonsai, and other small-sized plants might be easy enough to maintain and lift spirits.
  • Games
    Board games are great if you can be with your loved one in person. For when you can’t be physically present, introduce digital games that can be played with family or friends remotely. There are dozens of virtual card games, word searches, and puzzle games that can connect your loved one with other players.
  • Create
    If your senior loved one likes to be creative, help get supplies and encourage creative activities. Some organizations love to receive knitted or crocheted baby blankets and hats. A painting or drawing could be donated to an organization that needs artwork for their walls. Having their creations shared with others helps our elders feel connected and gives them a sense of purpose.
  • Read
    Reading aloud is a classic way to connect with those around you. If you can be with your aging loved one, select a book that you both can enjoy reading aloud together. If you can’t be together, consider reading aloud over a video call or check out StoriiTime. StoriiTime connects seniors to children and their families to read them picture books over Zoom calls. What a wonderful way to connect generations!
  • Companionship
    Everyone needs companionship and, unfortunately, seniors struggle with isolation which is heightened during this pandemic. At Passionate Private Duty we offer companion care services to provide social interaction and a helping hand to seniors. Companionship services can be a lifeline for seniors who lack motivation or feel all alone.

Staying at home for an extended time can bring feelings of isolation and boredom. Help prevent this in your senior loved ones and instead, promote a positive mood and a sense of connection and purpose. If you would like more suggestions specific to your loved one or more information on our companion care services, give us a call at Passionate Private Duty. In addition to Companion Services, we offer Nursing Care Services and Home Services in Illinois with our dedicated team of experienced, professional caregivers. Call us at 847-975-3950 to learn more.

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