Questions About Antibiotics, Answered!

People take antibiotics for a variety of illnesses. But the question is: are we taking them the way we should? To help clear up any confusion about antibiotics, Passionate Private Duty has prepared some information for you: What is an antibiotic? Antibiotics, also known as antibacterial or antimicrobial drugs, are drugs prescribed by a doctor … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud to Elderly Loved Ones

One challenge we have heard from family caregivers is keeping our aging loved ones entertained and engaged throughout the day. Reading is one of the best activities for exercising the mind. Unfortunately, elderly people are often unable to read for themselves. They may not be strong enough to hold a book or may have trouble … Continue reading

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Gardening for Seniors

Gardening is a hobby everyone, even seniors, can enjoy. As the weather turns more favorable, planting a garden and watching it grow is rewarding and has many benefits as we age. Gardening gets us in the fresh air and helps us connect with nature. There are also health benefits as we watch our flowers or … Continue reading

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Managing Pain Safely at Home

Simple and minor pains can be relieved at home, but for chronic and more serious types of pain, medical intervention should be sought to know how it could be treated, because self-medication may not be safe to do especially when steroidal medication is involved. There are non-pharmaceutical ways to manage pain but should be done … Continue reading

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Continue Medication at Home with Our Nursing Services

A secure home health service for a loved one that can stand in your behalf is something that will guarantee you peace of mind. When you are not around to give out the care your loved one needs, we can be your partner in delivering the care needed day to day. We are here to … Continue reading

Does Your Loved One Need a Private Nurse? Here’s How You Can Know

The aging years ahead are fraught with both adventures and challenges. But you can always manage with someone to assist you. When a family member is not available to keep you company or help out, providers of Nursing Care Services in Pingree Grove, IL can be there for you or your aging relative. However, getting … Continue reading

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