Infusion Therapy

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Sometimes, when people become severely ill, they cannot eat without great difficulty and cannot take medications orally. Sometimes, medications cannot be taken orally because the stomach acids destroy them, rendering them ineffective. Thankfully, nutrients and medications can be provided to the body with infusion therapy.

Infusion therapy is the administering of medication or nutrients through the use of a sterile catheter that is inserted into a vein and secured with transparent dressing. This treatment method has previously been used only in hospitals, but now it can be done in the comfort of your home by specially trained registered nurses. These nurses have been licensed by the state, meeting the strict standards and regulations.

At Passionate Private Duty, our experienced nurses provide infusion therapy for clients which allows them to remain comfortably at home and avoid frequent visits to a medical facility.

Infusion Specialties:

  • IV Antibiotics
  • Pain Management
  • Hydration (Especially for Obstetric Patients)
  • Port Flush
  • TPN
  • Enteral Feeding


  • Insulin
  • Vitamin B Shots
  • Heparin

For more information about infusion therapy or other nursing services we provide, please call Passionate Private Duty at 847-975-3950.

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