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Helping Seniors Cope with Pain While Minimizing Medication

Pain management for older adults is complicated, as many seniors have more chronic health conditions. Medication for pain relief often has negative effects on the aging body. There are alternative pain relief methods to effectively help elderly patients manage pain. Many of these methods can be provided at home in a comfortable, familiar setting to … Continue reading

Antibiotics Safety for Elderly

Antibiotics work by killing or preventing bacteria from spreading and reproducing. Oral, topical, and injectable antibiotics can be provided in various doses. Healthcare professionals providing¬†nursing care services¬†are licensed to administer these medications properly. But antibiotic use does include risks, especially for older adults. According to a 2013 article in US Pharmacy, common adverse effects to … Continue reading

Dementia Care: Safety First

Caring for a loved one with dementia has its challenges, as well as rewards. One of the biggest challenges is keeping your loved one safe, especially as he or she gets into late-stage dementia where wandering is common. The first priority in caring for someone with dementia is safety. The following suggestions can help keep … Continue reading