Advantages of Technology in Healthcare

Advantages of Technology in Healthcare

Technological advancements in recent years have greatly impacted the way we live. New technology has simplified how we accomplish tasks, improved how we communicate, made transactions more convenient, and even upgraded our healthcare system. At Passionate Private Duty we are proud to offer hi-tech nursing care services in the comfort and safety of each patient’s home.

The continuous development of technology in the medical field has paved the way for hi-tech nursing. This type of care provides advanced nursing services to you or your loved one who is suffering from a condition that requires specialized care at home. We have certified, competent, and skilled nurses that deliver personalized care and assistance with the help of advanced medical devices.

Part of our hi-tech home care services throughout northern Illinois is ventilator support. Ventilators are machines that provide respiration to patients and have previously been used only in hospitals. With hi-tech nursing however, ventilator support is now available in the comfort of the home. If your loved one is suffering from a condition that impairs breathing and lung function such as ALS, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or dyspnea, a ventilator at home can help alleviate symptoms.

Other hi-tech nursing services include port flushes, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), nasopharyngeal and tracheostomy aspiration, pain management via IV, and sterile catheter care. We aim to help improve the quality of life with the use of the latest medical technology. Our home care services in and around Pingree Grove, Illinois provide compassionate, high-quality, and personalized care while helping patients maintain independence in a comfortable, familiar setting.

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