Continue Medication at Home with Our Nursing Services

Continue Medication at Home with Our Nursing Services

A secure home health service for a loved one that can stand in your behalf is something that will guarantee you peace of mind. When you are not around to give out the care your loved one needs, we can be your partner in delivering the care needed day to day.

We are here to help families and individuals with certified and licensed home health care needs to keep the best standards of care that all clients deserve—be it for short-term or long-term care. Our home health care services offer the following and similar health care needs:

Nursing Services

For individuals who need medical attention at home, our Nursing Care Services in Pingree Grove, IL provide the following nursing duties:

  • IV Fluids
    Clients, who need or are continuing IV fluids from the hospital to their home or currently in their residence, can safely be monitored and be given new IV fluid bags with any of our registered nurses.
  • IV Antibiotic Infusion
    Our nurses can safely administer antibiotics that need to be given through the client’s IVs to ensure correct dosage levels and intake times.
  • Intravenous Feeding
    Individuals who need total parenteral nutrition or IV feeding can also be given the same utmost care and attention to ensure their nutrition.
  • Catheter Maintenance
    To prevent infections, our nurses can also perform proper catheter maintenance and care.
  • Hydration
    For all clients and those who need lesser or minor medical attention, hydration is also ensured to keep nutrition up and going.
  • Meal Preparation
    This chore in a day’s routine can also be handled by any of our registered nursing staff, which can cover ideal meal plans and beverages.
  • Walking Aids
    We promote independence so clients can continue to move around with the use of their walking aids.

Our Home Nursing in Illinois also provides certified home health care for clients who wish to get assistance with daily living.

Get in touch with Passionate Private Duty to start a care plan for your loved one. Click on the link to set an appointment with us or call us at 847-975-3950.

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