Home Nursing to Help Manage Arthritis Symptoms

How Home Nursing Help Seniors Manage Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a common condition that affects the joints. It causes inflammation and pain in one or more joints and is most prevalent among older people. Arthritis can make it difficult or impossible to manage daily tasks, especially for seniors at home. Professional home care services can provide help and support for your elderly loved one with arthritis.

Seniors who are struggling to deal with arthritis might benefit enormously from home nursing care services. Here’s how home nursing can help your senior loved one manage arthritis symptoms at home:

  • Medication assistance
    Many seniors have trouble remembering to take their medications or struggle to open medication bottles. A home nurse can help seniors follow their medication regimen and can also help with pain management when dealing with arthritis.
  • Assistance with nutrition
    For seniors with arthritis in their hands, preparing foods and cooking can be painful. This can result in a loss of interest in cooking or choosing unhealthy, packaged food that doesn’t require much preparation. Home nursing can help avoid this path to unhealthy eating by cooking fresh, nutritious meals for your loved one.
  • Ensures rest when needed
    Arthritis pain can sometimes be unavoidable. It’s important for seniors with arthritis to get plenty of rest when their joints start to hurt. Having a home nurse around ensures that seniors can sit down and take a break when they need to.
  • Administration of the doctor’s treatment plan at home
    Having a nurse at home helps manage treatments specifically ordered by a physician. A home nurse becomes part of your loved one’s care team, adequately evaluating and communicating his or her progress back to the physician.

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