Your Aging Loved One’s Need for Companionship

Your Aging Loved One’s Need for Companionship

As we age, the tasks we normally do can become challenging. Seemingly simple activities of daily living can be daunting if our bodies experience limitations as we grow older. Many seniors can’t help but feel that things aren’t the way they used to be, and it can greatly affect them mentally. It’s not uncommon for elderly individuals to feel a loss of independence, loneliness, and even depression. Providing companionship to your loved one is a way to minimize feelings of loneliness while also offering assistance with everyday tasks. This can be particularly uplifting to your loved one if the assistance is not viewed as “help,” but rather as activities being enjoyed together!

The challenge for many people with aging family or friends is finding time to consistently offer assistance and companionship. A few options:

  • Make a schedule – Having defined days and times that you can be there for your aging loved one will help him or her know that some tasks can wait. They can also look forward to your company.
  • Recruit help – Ask friends and family members if they can step up to visit or call your loved one regularly. Perhaps they can schedule specific days and times as well.
  • Help your loved one connect – To mitigate feelings of loneliness, try coordinating social activities for your senior loved one. Many local senior centers have activities for elderly people to socialize and have fun. If mobility is an issue, help with digital connection. Maybe your senior loved one can video call friends and family members if you help set that up.
  • Consider a professional – Hiring a professional home care companion can offer reliable care and provide respite to whomever is typically helping your loved one. Trained caregivers can come right to your loved one’s home to help with tasks and engage in activities with your loved one.

At Passionate Private Duty, we understand your loved one’s need for assistance, care, and companionship. We have a compassionate team of caregivers who provide companion care, nursing care services, dementia care, and home care in Pingree Grove, Illinois and surrounding communities.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our home care services in Illinois. We’re happy to answer any questions.

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