Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

As we age our appetites and diets change. Our ability to shop, prepare, and cook nutritious foods may be difficult. Poor nutrition, however, can negatively affect seniors’ overall health or well-being.

The following are some nutrition tips to keep in mind for you or your older loved ones:

  • Select highly nutritious foods.

    Highly nutritious foods are those that can provide more nutritional value. Older adults should add lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meat, seafood, chicken, and eggs to their diet. Natural foods are typically the foods that are most robust with nutrients.

  • Avoid empty calories.

    Foods such as chips, candies, and baked goods have empty calories. They don’t offer nutritional value, so limit consumption of these types of foods. Save them for special occasions.

  • Drink lots of water.

    It’s highly recommended that people drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Our sense of thirst as well as our body’s ability to conserve water is minimized as we age. By the time an older adult actually feels thirsty, fluids might already be very low. Certain medical conditions and medications can also affect your ability to retain fluids. Consider setting goals and keeping track of water consumption.

  • Stay away from trans fats.

    Trans fat is the unhealthiest kind of fat we can consume. It’s linked to higher levels of LDL cholesterol and heart disease. Some foods like meat and dairy naturally contain small amounts of trans fats, but the majority of trans fats are man-made. They are usually in packaged foods, fried foods, shortening, and margarine.

A home care provider can assist you or your loved one with food shopping, reading food labels, food preparation, healthy meal planning, and cooking.

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