September: Healthy Aging Month


Healthy Aging Month is every September. It’s a perfect time to reflect on how we can live well and improve our mental, physical, emotional, and financial health.

Establishing and maintaining healthy habits, can prepare us for not only longevity, but aging well. It’s true that you’re never too old to try something new. Decide what you want out of life and make a plan get you there. Some things may require a gentle and careful start, but having a goal (whether it’s physical, financial, social, or other) can give you purpose and passion.

Here are a few of our tips to aging healthfully:

  • Set those goals – what would you like to improve or achieve with regard to your health, career, relationships, hobbies?
  • Stay positive – you will likely encounter challenges; try again or adjust your goals when you consider quitting.
  • Develop a support system – who can encourage or assist you?
  • Download our heathy aging checklist for some ideas to live a more happy, healthy life.

At Passionate Private Duty, we’re committed to helping clients live independently at home and improve overall health and wellbeing. Our care team includes nurses, therapists, and aides who are experts in providing quality home health care in Pingree Grove, Illinois and surrounding communities.

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